Is your business looking to acquire a private office space for the year ahead? Maybe this is your first office – a huge step for any business. Or perhaps your business is upgrading its existing space, with exciting times ahead. No matter your situation, the benefits of a flexible, modern private office are amazing. Read on for seven of the best bonuses a private office space could offer you and your business.

1. Privacy

A simple but under-appreciated plus. Which business doesn’t need a bit of privacy from time-to-time? Whether that’s for strategic business planning meetings, tough HR calls or even kicking back and enjoying lunch during down time, having a space that your team can call their own is the stuff dreams are made of.

2. Flexibility

Similarly, flexibility is key to the workplace in 2021. The past year has driven that point home. A private office space with a flexible contract, means your office space can be as adaptable as your business. Just make sure you choose a space that follows strict cleaning protocols.

colleagues using meeting space in bristol

3. 24/7 access

All that talk of flexibility leads us nicely into one of the biggest pulls of a private office space – 24/7 access. Finding an office that grants you such access means yet more flexibility in working hours, meeting times and general productivity. Just try not to stay overnight – everyone deserves a break.

4. High-speed Wi-Fi

If there’s one thing every business needs in the modern market, it’s high-speed Wi-Fi. Finding a private office space that offers high internet speeds means quicker, more efficient work, better video conferences, faster downloads and most importantly, less frustration. It’s time to get plugged in and watch your business fly.

5. Private phone booths

Escape from the buzzing office space with private phone booths – perfect for when you need to take five, and host interruption-free phone calls. Phone booths in private office spaces also double up as handy individual work pods, which is great when deadlines are looming.

privste phone booths

6. Meeting rooms

Getting together with colleagues has never been easier when your business makes use of a private office space. Benefit from rooms with super comfortable chairs, making those long meetings a bit less painful!  

7. Great furniture

Comfortable office furniture helps improve posture, and can be hugely beneficial for productivity. Whilst it’s important to ensure regular breaks are taken at work, we spend a large portion of our working day seated at our desks. It is also important to be aware not all office furniture is created equal, so make sure to choose a space that has invested in quality. Providing features such as sit-stand desks and office chairs that adjust to ensure you are sitting with perfect posture. Giving your team everything, they need to thrive.

Your own private office space is packed with benefits – whether it’s to meet clients, host interviews or to make use of the huge potential for expansion, there’s much more to see when you experience it for yourself. At Flagship Spaces, our private offices offer all of the above – and much more!

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