Many of us have become familiar with the notion of ‘sustainability’ which has entered the every-day discourse with unmissable force throughout the past decade.

For many of us, we consider the ways our actions impact the planet through the ways we shop, eat and travel, but have we really thought about our sustainable, ethical and environmental impacts within the workplace?

Considering that we spend a huge chunk of our adult lives in a working environment, it seems fitting that we take action in the workplace too. 

The health of the world is important to our team at Flagship and a sustainable conscience runs through the core of everything we do. When it comes to making decisions, implementing new strategies and generally how we function day-to-day, the environmental impacts are at the forefront.

Here’s a taster of how we’re working to promote green, inclusive spaces at our Flagship sites:

Reduce, re-use, recycle

The three ‘R’s’: Reduce, Re-use and Recycle cover a lot of our focal points when we strategise about sustainability at Flagship. Here’s a couple of key processes we live by:

  • Disposables are out…at Flagship we prompt ‘reduce and re-use’. We’ll cover the little things, such as providing refills of milk and oat milk, reusable keep cups for those all-important take-away drinks and crockery so that you don’t get stuck with heaps of rubbish.

  •  We provide and encourage full recycling solutions which is collected by our local, conscious waste management company, reducing our Co2 emissions.

  • We’re reducing our chemical usage everywhere we can and our friends at My Organic Clean are helping us get there. Cindy and Justin have built an eco-friendly and family run company which only uses non-toxic, vegan and ethical products (which smell amazing too). Not only that but they plant a tree for every new client!

  • The books that fill our shelves are pre-loved and re-homed to keep us all entertained and educated without costing the earth by chopping down trees.

Going green

  • Plants, glorious plants – Biophilia is an integral part of our office design, not only do our green friends offer a reminder of the beauty in the world that we need to protect, but they also purify the air in our studio and improve our efficiency and wellbeing by an impressive 13%.
the future of coworking spaces 2

Responsible Purchasing

  • The wellbeing of our members keeps us happy, which is why we provide fresh, locally sourced and organic fruit, supporting our neighbouring growers and reducing our carbon footprint.

  • Our sundries and products are sourced responsibly, where possible we shop local to support the community and reduce unnecessary deliveries. However, some things just have to travel a little further so for those unavoidable necessities we use eco-friendly suppliers and encourage our members to jump on board when we order, to reduce deliveries.

  • The brilliant B Corp certified Origin Coffee keep us fuelled with their fairtrade, responsibly roasted (and absolutely delicious) coffee.

  • It’s all in the detail, which is why we thought hard about where we purchased our ergonomic furniture. Our suppliers, including Herman Miller, make a conscious effort to reduce waste, recycle and be kinder to the planet.
herman miller office chairs

Added extras at FS Bristol

  • Our Bristol branch are proud to have partnered with Bulb who supply us with 100% renewable energy.

  • Vehicle emissions contribute to 25% of greenhouse gas emissions and so we have said no to parking spaces and yes to bike storage! 

As a small business, we at Flagship believe that every little change makes a difference, and we thoroughly enjoy the conversation of sustainability with our current and future members. If you have any suggestions or recommendations on how we can become more sustainably led, contact us on