What are the main differences between the membership categories?

The main difference between the memberships is the space you occupy within our buildings. Private office members will have their own secure office, not accessible by other members outside of their team. Dedicated desk members are offered their own desk with lockable storage. Flexi Desk members do not have a set desk and seats are booked on a first come first serve basis. Flexi Desk members have limited hours and do not have 24/7 access like other members.

What’s not included?

Printing is charged on a per sheet basis, which will be billed to you monthly. Office and dedicated desk members get a package of meeting room credits/hours with their membership, otherwise meeting rooms are chargeable. Please check with your centre for prices.

Can members get storage space?

Additional lockable storage is available in Manchester, subject to availability. Please check with your Community Manager.

What is the policy on dogs?

In our smaller sites and communal areas, we have a no dog policy, but if you have a large self-contained office, please check with your Community Manager for special permission.

How fast is the internet?

Please check the specific speeds with your Community Manager. If your business requires a specific speed or greater bandwidth, please let us know and we would be happy to accommodate increasing this for you with our network provider (at an additional cost). If the speed at your location is not what you expect, please report this to a Community Manager for assistance.

What is the guest policy?

Office and Dedicated Desk members can bring up to 2 guests on site for up to 2 hours a week. Hot desk members cannot bring guests into the space.

What happens if my team outgrows our workspace?

Please let us know as we will do our best to accommodate, in some instances we may be able to expand your office into the office next door if it is available.

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