A lot can be said for the environment you create for your yourself to work within and the effect it can have on your productiveness, creativity and health. One of the key decisions we made when conceptualising the Flagship Spaces was the furniture.

The Flagship team wanted to ensure that our environment was set up with the best quality furniture to make your experience the best one possible. With the health benefits of standing desks (which we also offer) still a divided opinion, we decided to devote extensive time and resource to choosing the best possible place to park your posterior while getting on with your day to day.

Cosm chairs for our offices

Believe it or not, the Cosm chair has been proven to reduce stress at work. Together with the Texas A&M Ergonomics Center, the Herman Miller team used cognitive neuro-evaluations to test the focus and productivity of participants on different kinds of chairs. Results showed that participants actually performed with greater speed, efficiency and accuracy on tasks requiring creativity when sitting in the Cosm as compared to the other two chairs tested.

The Cosm literally lets people focus more on their work instead of on their seat. It is the only chair known to reduce cognitive load, giving people more mental capacity for their work. This is down to a few factors – one of which is the chair’s ability to automatically adjust based on how you sit and move.

Bonus: Leaf Arms – finally, holding a book doesn’t hurt.

Sayl for hotdesking spaces

The Sayl’s Golden Gate Bridge inspired design fuses comfort, coolness, and a lower carbon footprint.

This frameless chair contains elastomer strands of varying thickness and tension to accommodate different transition areas along the spine. Translation: You get a full range of seated movement while expending less energy to sit straight, so you’ll be less tired throughout the day.

The Sayl’s chair suspension bridge-style engineering means more support with fewer materials. It contains no PVCs and most of its materials are entirely recyclable.

Outfitting an office is both art and science but we’re pleased that our Herman Miller chairs help to achieve both. Come and sit!