Throughout the lockdowns of 2020 and earlier this year, it’s been no surprise that the number of people experiencing loneliness in Britain has increased. According to recent research by ONS which focused on levels of loneliness between 3 April and 3 May 2020 where 5% of people reported they felt lonely “often” or “always”, that figure has now increased to 7.2% of the adult population, from research from October 2020 to February 2021.

Whilst at work, it’s certainly been difficult to keep up with colleagues and enjoy the collaborative atmosphere that comes with office life, relying instead on meetings through computer screens. We’ve missed everything being with work colleagues brings and as the nation makes the return to offices and coworking spaces throughout the country, we take a look at how shared working offices, in particular, can help ease loneliness as we recover from the pandemic.

A welcome break for home workers 

Some would say the pandemic has made a lasting impact on office life as we know it, many workplaces throughout the country are closing in favour of home working arrangements and for those who thrive on working in and amongst colleagues, this will be a disheartening prospect. The solution? A coworking space that’s flexible to changing requirements and one which gives individuals everything they need for a productive and engaging workday.

Freedom for freelancers

Those who shifted to the freelance lifestyle before the pandemic enjoyed a working routine where they could base themselves from just about any location, a way of life that was unfortunately halted throughout recent times. Coworking spaces bring opportunities for freelancers to engage with others in their network, upskill and refine their craft in the buzzing, thriving atmosphere that these spaces bring.

The opportunity to explore and escape the home office

The significance of home working in recent times has blurred the line between work and life and for many- it’s thrown us off balance. Periods of isolation with limited opportunity to take a holiday abroad, see friends or family or switch off completely has been difficult. Whilst providing all-important space for productivity, coworking offices are social environments and provide vital opportunities for freelancers and remote workers to meet like-minded individuals in their industry or even host and attend events or get-togethers to make the most of the environment. 

If you’ve found yourself working from home on a more permanent basis, have you considered a coworking space? Let us know your tips for battling feelings of loneliness on our social media pages. Facebook | Instagram.