Taking the past 18 months into consideration, many companies have had very little choice in how they build and sustain team morale – resulting in creative concepts taking place over Zoom throughout the pandemic. Particularly for new starters joining teams remotely, it’s been hard for colleagues to get to know their coworkers in these environments, and with the return to office life in full swing, we can now finally turn our attention to planning fun and exciting team-building exercises and away-days. In this article, you’ll find a few of our favourite options to consider in the city of Bristol. 

Will you make it out on time? Experience the high-pressure environment of an escape room

Escape rooms are brilliant ways to encourage collaboration and increase team motivation. With everyone working towards a common goal of cracking the code to escape before the time runs out, they’re a great way to build and work on communication skills whilst also giving the opportunity to allow individual skills to come to the surface. 

One to try:
Ranked as one of Bristol’s top escape rooms, Riddlr is a totally immersive experience suitable for all abilities, why not give it a go? 

Get into the great outdoors 

If heights aren’t your thing, look away now…

For those that prefer more of a white-knuckle experience, high-wire courses are another great way to level up on team communication as you climb, zip wire and traverse from tree to tree. Go Ape in the Forest of Dean, Beechenhurst caters perfectly to corporate groups. If you’re feeling fearless, will you make it your next team building day? 

Try your hand at axe throwing 

If you’re looking for a twist on a typical post-work social event, axe throwing could be for you. Each session is fully instructed and lasts 70 minutes with up to 10 players and coupled with great soundtracks to accompany your session – it’s guaranteed fun for the whole team. 

You can find Whistle Punks in Bristol on All Saints Street.

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