The needs of modern companies are fast outgrowing the traditional office design; with shared office space rapidly becoming the new normal in the United Kingdom and beyond. This transition occurred as corporate managers realised that flexible workspaces boost productivity amongst employees. Traditionally, one company would occupy and self-furnish an entire office space and allocate each employee to a cubicle or private office. Today, there is a greater demand for a collaborative, fully furnished co-working space; much like Flagship’s new space in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

According to Harvard Business Review, co-working spaces are “membership-based workspaces where diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals work together in a shared, communal setting”. The layout also provides an opportunity for lone workers to have a sense of purposeful belonging by being part of a larger community. In addition, co-working spaces are usually fully furnished and set up with fast internet.

Community and Networking

Co-working spaces offer multiple communal areas which are intended to promote daily networking amongst the working professionals. The diversity is not only refreshing but could also lead to exposure to potential clients through connections made at our space. In addition, Flagship will have planned networking events and informative talks on relevant industry topics. Find out more here.


The ‘pay as you use’ model that co-working spaces provide gives companies the freedom to work how and when they please without feeling bound to renting a whole office space for the long term. Flagship currently offers a monthly membership fee with no longer term commitment required. Click here to find out more about our co-working options available at our location in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.


The co-working office is a perfect balance between a home office and a traditional office. This allows individuals to benefit from more comfortable surroundings, yet still be motivated to work. Additionally, being surrounded by like-minded, hard-working individuals from diverse backgrounds is motivating and inspires productivity.

Cost Efficiency

Running a small business has its own fair share of overhead costs – especially if renting a traditional office space. Becoming a member of our co-working space is an easy way to reduce costs. Because everything is built into your monthly fee, you may focus on expanding your company without the hassle of utility bills and service providers.

Whether you are a company looking for an alternative office layout, a freelancer looking to move away from your home office space or a start-up looking to expand, our co-working space in Manchester could be the perfect match for your needs. If you would like to learn more, click here to find out more about our co-working options.