The events of 2020 have certainly turned the idea of the traditional office space entirely on its head, with many businesses closing their doors to allow for the workforce to safely work from home. However, as we look ahead to restrictions beginning to ease, we ask, what has been the impact of nationalised working from home, and flexible working arrangements on coworking spaces?

Whilst it’s a challenge for any business to adapt, many offices have used the Coronavirus pandemic to restrategise their working arrangements. For some, working from home hasn’t impacted productivity but has instead enabled companies to close certain areas of their office spaces, saving money on costly rent bills.

Working from home is not for everyone, and with the office being a long-established place to connect with colleagues and collaborate face-to-face, it’s been greatly missed by those used to the lifestyle. For those who prefer this way of working, we believe there is a bright future ahead for flexible working arrangements, such as coworking and private office spaces.

In this blog post, we outline a few of our thoughts based on the future of coworking spaces featuring some trends we’ve seen over the past year.

Covid-secure workspaces

For Flagship, we’ve made some key adaptations to our working environment, taking all necessary precautions to become Covid-secure. Launching during a global pandemic has required careful planning to keep our communities safe and that’s why we’ve integrated more self-contained units, established essential social distancing measures and hygiene protocols as standard so our visitors can enjoy a safe and productive visit.

An essential hub for productivity

As we approach a return to normality, communities consisting of freelancers, small businesses and those whose offices have chosen to employ ongoing working from home measures, will be planning their return to an office environment. As colleagues start to need office space, to begin with for just few days per week, we will see an increase in demand for meeting room rentals, daily desk rentals and bookings for self-contained offices.

Why is a coworking space a more attractive option for businesses than a traditional rented office? At Flagship, we understand that now more than ever before, it’s important to provide flexible work options that can adapt with your business needs through a range of tailored packages that suit our community’s journeys.

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A permanent shift in company locations

As businesses adapt to changing requirements, the future may see a move for businesses both large and small to a central location, with the addition of a flexible private office or coworking space. So too, as they look to change their focus to a regional one, to meet, get together and to provide welcome relief for colleagues looking to change location should their working from home setup be a permanent one.

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The future of coworking spaces is an exciting one, and we are looking forward to seeing what’s to come. Get in touch with our team today to discuss our memberships or plan your visit: